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CPR Group, Inc. - Construction Claims
It is Wednesday, March 29 2017
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CPR Group, Inc. - Construction Claims
cpr group, inc.

At CPR Group, Inc., our experience begins with a keen insight developed at the field level and evolved through the ranks to include the broader perspective of program management. We have found that there is no substitute for that "gut feel" developed through direct experience. Our team has a global understanding of the construction industry: from bid/proposal preparation to project planning and scheduling; from systems management and construction project support to claim analysis; from claim prevention management and administrative practices to dispute resolution; and, when necessary, litigation support.

CPR Group, Inc. - Construction Claims

The complexity of today's construction projects coupled with the inherent dynamics involved can create an atmosphere that lends itself to conflicts. However, CPR Group, Inc. firmly believes and has effectively demonstrated that comprehensive and aggressive management of a construction project can defuse the vast majority of potential problem areas before they become disputes. Effective management can make the difference between contracting parties working as a team to achieve a common goal as opposed to being pitted against each other in an adversarial relationship.

Commensurate with your needs, CPR Group, Inc. will field the right team to assist your personnel. We have an excellent track record representing Contractors, Specialty Contractors, and Owners on a wide range of construction projects. We're objective, with a needed degree of practicality. We have first-hand knowledge of the true consequences of problem areas that are left unresolved. We likewise understand what it takes to avoid such situations. For those disputes that do arise, CPR Group, Inc. has the requisite experience to fully analyze the issues in both terms of entitlement and quantum, thus allowing for quick resolution.